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Chicagoland Home Theaters by Luxury Elements


When it comes to your Elmhurst Home Theater project, you can trust in the expertise of Luxury Elements. We understand the allure of a custom-built home theater or cinema, and our exclusive 7-step methodology guarantees meticulous attention to detail. Through our advanced 3-part CAD design system, we provide a comprehensive view of the room, starting from the initial blueprint and progressing to a final color rendering. This ensures that your home theater is precisely constructed according to your specific requirements and preferences.

At Luxury Elements, we go beyond just AV equipment. We consider every aspect to create an exceptional home theater experience. From optimizing acoustics and creating the perfect seating arrangement to designing appropriate lighting and implementing seamless audiovisual wiring, we leave no stone unturned. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and transport you to a world of cinematic enjoyment right within your Elmhurst home.

  • Properly-sized dedicated space for your theater
  • Control exterior ambient light and sound
  • Appropriate AV set-up including electrical and Ethernet access
  • Proper cooling and ventilation for the room and equipment
  • Interior lighting
  • Viewing and seating arrangement
  • Control of interior reflection and acoustics
  • Sound, wired or wireless
  • TV and pull-down screen size
  • Wall and ceiling colors and other decor
  • Seating styles and other accoutrements
  • Entrance and egress
  • Codes and Permits and more.

Creating an exceptional home theater experience is our top priority at Luxury Elements for our clients in Elmhurst. We understand the importance of optimizing acoustics, seating arrangement, lighting design, and audiovisual wiring to create the perfect space. Through our collaborative 7-step process, we work closely with our clients to ensure their vision is brought to life in every aspect of their custom-built home theater. With our unwavering commitment to quality and exceptional customer service, we strive to deliver the ultimate home theater experience in Elmhurst.

Chicagoland Home Theaters by Luxury Elements
Chicagoland Home Theaters by Luxury Elements


At Luxury Elements, we prioritize personalized attention for each client in Elmhurst, ensuring their home renovation ideas are brought to life to their utmost satisfaction. Our consistent 7-step procedure ensures that the final outcome aligns precisely with the customer’s expectations, resulting in a positive and fulfilling experience.

Step 1 – An appointment is scheduled
Step 2 – A site visit and consultation are arranged
Step 3 – The initial design is presented to the home owner
Step 4 – Design changes if any are incorporated
Step 5 – Final design presentation and build agreement is completed
Step 6 – Final preparations are made
Step 7 – Build and install process begins

Clear communication and client involvement are our top priorities at Luxury Elements. We strive to eliminate any room for error, confusion, or misunderstanding by actively engaging and informing you throughout the entire home renovation process. Your satisfaction and understanding are paramount to us, and we are dedicated to providing a seamless and transparent experience for your Elmhurst Home Theater project.


Our expert designers at Luxury Elements employ state-of-the-art CAD software to create a custom-designed home theater that perfectly aligns with your specifications and preferences. With our three-part comprehensive design process, we provide you with exceptional visuals and an accurate estimate, ensuring a clear understanding of the project and enabling you to make informed decisions. Our ultimate goal is to surpass your expectations and deliver a home theater that brings your vision to life in Elmhurst.

Part 1 – A two-dimensional (2D) model
Part 2 – A three-dimensional (3D) model
Part 3 – A three-dimensional (3D) rendering

The design process at Luxury Elements is a collaborative effort between our team of designers and our valued clients in Elmhurst. We prioritize open communication and actively involve our clients in every step of the planning stage. By closely listening to their ideas and preferences, we ensure that their vision for their home renovation is brought to life exactly as imagined. Our goal is to create a seamless and transparent process that exceeds their expectations and turns their dreams into reality.

Chicagoland Home Theaters by Luxury Elements
Chicagoland Home Theaters by Luxury Elements

Luxury Elements holds collaboration and client involvement in high regard, making them fundamental principles in every project we undertake in Elmhurst. We actively seek and value client feedback throughout the design process, offering multiple opportunities for changes, additions, or corrections to the design. With our three-step design approach, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of the project, promoting a seamless workflow between our team and the client. By fostering open communication and collaboration, we guarantee that the final result goes above and beyond expectations, delivering an exceptional outcome that truly reflects the client’s vision.


Luxury Elements stands out among home transformation companies in Elmhurst by offering a unique combination of custom-designed, high-quality products. With a focus on advanced technology, top-notch materials, and expert craftsmanship, we consistently deliver exceptional results that meet the highest standards of excellence.

Our commitment to transparent pricing, backed by a warranty, and our dedication to providing exceptional customer service make us the top choice for home renovations. From the initial concept to the final touches, we are here to transform your home into a stunning living and entertainment space that caters to your specific needs.

Choose Luxury Elements and experience the remarkable outcome of a custom-built home theater designed exclusively for you. With numerous positive reviews reflecting our unwavering commitment to perfection, we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with the end result. Contact Luxury Elements today for a no-obligation appointment.

Chicagoland Home Theaters by Luxury Elements

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