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Chicagoland Home Theaters by Luxury Elements


Luxury Elements, Inc., your Chicago-area specialty building contractor, can provide you with many options for your basement renovation or new build. One very popular choice is a custom-built home theater or cinema. Like everything we design and construct, we use our exclusive 7-step methodology to determine the ideal location and design of your home cinema. We also use a very effective 3-part CAD design system giving the client a view of the room, from an initial “blueprint” to a final color rendering to insure the home theater will be built exactly as you wish.

A home theater is a project that encompasses many steps apart from the obvious AV equipment. There are well over a dozen components to consider that may not be immediately apparent. Below are a few considerations for the best home theater room.

  • Properly-sized dedicated space for your theater
  • Control exterior ambient light and sound
  • Appropriate AV set-up including electrical and Ethernet access
  • Proper cooling and ventilation for the room and equipment
  • Interior lighting
  • Viewing and seating arrangement
  • Control of interior reflection and acoustics
  • Sound, wired or wireless
  • TV and pull-down screen size
  • Wall and ceiling colors and other decor
  • Seating styles and other accoutrements
  • Entrance and egress
  • Codes and Permits and more.

All the above and others must be integrated to build the ideal home theater that you can enjoy with family and friends. And as always, we work continuously with you throughout the entire build process as described in our 7-step process below.

Chicagoland Home Theaters by Luxury Elements
Chicagoland Home Theaters by Luxury Elements


At Luxury Elements, we give every client our full attention in order to guarantee their ideas for their home renovation are completely fulfilled to their satisfaction. We follow the same 7-step procedure for every project to ensure the final result will be exactly what the customer expected and that the customer’s overall experience is a positive one.

Step 1 – An appointment is scheduled
Step 2 – A site visit and consultation are arranged
Step 3 – The initial design is presented to the home owner
Step 4 – Design changes if any are incorporated
Step 5 – Final design presentation and build agreement is completed
Step 6 – Final preparations are made
Step 7 – Build and install process begins

We leave no room for error, confusion or misunderstanding as our intension is to have you involved every step of the way.


As mentioned before, our designers use state-of-the-art CAD software to design your home theater to your specifications and requirements and then present you with outstanding visuals and an accurate estimate using our three-part comprehensive design process.

Part 1 – A two-dimensional (2D) model
Part 2 – A three-dimensional (3D) model
Part 3 – A three-dimensional (3D) rendering

The design process in any construction project is the collaboration between the client and the designer. Throughout the planning stage, it is critical to maintaining an open line of communication so the client’s vision for their home renovation can become a reality exactly as imagined.

Chicagoland Home Theaters by Luxury Elements
Chicagoland Home Theaters by Luxury Elements

During the entire design process, we offer many opportunities for the client to make changes, additions or corrections to the design and we welcome and encourage client feedback. To ensure Luxury Elements and the client have a complete understanding of the project, we have broken down the design process into these three distinct chronological segments.


So now you know why Luxury Elements is unique in the Chicago-area home transformation industry. We offer beautifully designed products, custom-built to your specifications using the latest technology, quality materials and expert craftsmanship, guaranteed pricing, and a warranty, all while providing exceptional customer service. We are your complete home renovation specialist, from concept to completion.

We hope you choose Luxury Elements Inc. to transform your home into a beautiful living and entertainment space with your custom-built home theater designed to your specifications. We know you will be more than pleased with the end result.

The care Luxury Elements incorporates in building this and all other projects is second to none and our *reviews reflect that dedication to perfection. Contact Luxury Elements today for a no-obligation appointment.

Chicagoland Home Theaters by Luxury Elements

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