Custom Cabinetry

Chicagoland Custom Cabinetry by Luxury Elements


Luxury Elements collaborates with up-scale interior designers and homeowners to create unequaled custom cabinetry and millwork. No dream is too big for our craftsmen to deliver.

Every project we take on is customized to the customer’s specific taste, refined for the most discerning eyes and strong enough to withstand the test of time.

  • Fully Customized.
  • Get exactly what you need.
  • Endless options including environmentally-friendly materials.
  • All of our cabinets are custom built to fit, with no wasted space or fillers used.
  • Built locally, so you can reduce your carbon footprint and support local businesses.
  • Built to last generations, using the latest in high-quality materials and construction techniques.
  • Personalized service and communication throughout the design, construction and completion stages.


Our designers use state-of-the-art CAD software to design your custom cabinetry to your specifications and requirements and then present you with outstanding visuals and an accurate estimate using a three-part comprehensive design process.

The design process in any construction project is the collaboration between the client and the designer. Throughout the planning stage, it is critical to maintain an open line of communication so the client’s vision for their cabinetry can become a reality exactly as imagined.

During the entire design process, we offer many opportunities for the client to make changes, additions or corrections to the design and we welcome and encourage client feedback. To ensure Luxury Elements and the client have a complete understanding of the project, we have broken down the design process into three distinct chronological segments. Here in simple terms is the three-part process. Your Luxury Elements representative can offer more details about this process.

Chicagoland Custom Cabinetry by Luxury Elements

PART ONE – Two-Dimensional (2D) Modeling 

The first architectural document the client will receive is a 2D or two-dimensional model or line drawing of the project.

PART TWO – Three-Dimensional (3D) Modeling

Next, the client will receive three-dimensional (3D) modeling, an expansion of the 2D drawing. This adds a third dimension (depth), providing more visual information and a much clearer representation of the item(s).

Chicagoland Custom Cabinetry by Luxury Elements
Chicagoland Custom Cabinetry by Luxury Elements

PART THREE- Three-Dimensional (3D) Rendering

And finally, a three-dimensional (3D) rendering, a computer-designed realistic snapshot of the cabinetry, will be provided.


  • Custom Closets
  • Office Cabinetry
  • Commercial Cabinetry
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Wet bars
  • Wine cellars
  • and many others…

All of our cabinets are manufactured at our local facility using the highest quality materials, and are built using a combination of advanced technology and time-honored techniques by our craftsmen with decades of woodworking experience.

We work directly with homeowners, architects, contractors, developers and interior designers for both residential and commercial millwork. We can create your custom cabinetry vision. Contact Luxury Elements today to discuss your millwork needs. You’ll be happy you did.

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