Chicagoland Safe Rooms by Luxury Elements


Many individuals or families have valuable collections they want to keep secure, protected from theft, and away from prying eyes but close at hand. This can be anything such as artwork, antiques, or firearms; anything the owner values and wishes to keep safe.

Luxury Elements, your Chicago area specialty building contractor, can design and build a “safe room” in your home for your valuable collections and firearms. Like everything we design and construct, we use our exclusive 7-step methodology to determine your Safe Room’s ideal location and design. We also use the same 3-part CAD design system giving the client a view of the room, from an initial “blueprint” to a final color rendering, to ensure the room will be built exactly as you wish.

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A safe room is a discreetly hidden space designed for a particular storage use and built with safeguards against intruders, fire, and storms. The most common safe rooms are for firearms, called “gun safe” rooms, although they can also be designed for other collections. A safe room can be incorporated into home remodels, new construction, or in areas of an existing home and can be easily added to the architectural design. These rooms are armored and are equipped with special vault-type doors to deter burglars, home invaders, or curious children.

Temperature and humidity in a safe room must be kept at an ideal level as it is critical for the well-being of the stored objects. High humidity is detrimental to firearms causing rust and pitting and is also harmful to artwork, objet d’art, and antique furniture, etc. This is why many safe rooms are often equipped with dehumidifiers. Note: An attic is not an ideal location due to extremes of temperature and humidity unless the safe room is temperature/humidity controlled.

Chicagoland Safe Rooms by Luxury Elements
Chicagoland Safe Rooms by Luxury Elements


  • The Safe Room should be placed in a discreet location in basements, closets or under stairs, etc.
  • The Safe Room door is as important as the shielded walls themselves.
  • The Safe Room should be fireproof as well as burglar-proof.
  • Safe Rooms should be designed to fit the home’s aesthetics.
  • Safe Rooms can be designed for storage only or for display and storage similar to a wine cellar.

By choosing Luxury Elements, you will benefit from affordable unparalleled services with a high return on your investment. We work within your budget to ensure you receive exactly what you envision using cost-effective strategies, not by cutting corners

From concept through construction to completion, you can be assured of personal attention to your safe room project. We encourage our clients to ask questions and keep an open line of communication. Keeping you, the customer informed creates a smooth transition from one phase to the next and results, more importantly, in an overall successful project and a satisfied owner.

Chicagoland Safe Rooms by Luxury Elements
Chicagoland Safe Rooms by Luxury Elements

At Luxury Elements, everything is done with the customer in mind. We pride ourselves on using only the best – the best materials, the best building techniques, and the best people. The end result is that by using quality products and services, the client is provided with the greatest return on their investment and something they will be proud of.

We give every Luxury Elements client our full attention to guarantee their ideas for their safe room are completely fulfilled to their satisfaction to ensure the final result will be exactly what the customer expected and that the customer’s overall experience is a positive one.

Our designers use state-of-the-art CAD software to design your safe room to your specifications and requirements and then present you with outstanding visuals and an accurate estimate using our three-part comprehensive design process.

The design process in any construction project is the collaboration between the client and the designer. Throughout the planning stage, it is critical to maintaining an open line of communication so the client’s vision for their basement conversion can become a reality exactly as imagined.

During the entire design process, we offer many opportunities for the client to make changes, additions, or corrections to the design, and we welcome and encourage client feedback. This process ensures that Luxury Elements and the client completely understand the project.

Chicagoland Safe Rooms by Luxury Elements
Chicagoland Safe Rooms by Luxury Elements


So now you know why Luxury Elements is unique in the Chicago area as a specialty building contractor. We offer beautifully handcrafted products, custom-built to your specifications using the latest technology, quality materials and expert craftsmanship, guaranteed pricing, and a warranty, all while providing exceptional customer service. We are your complete safe room conversion specialist, from concept to completion.

We hope you choose Luxury Elements Inc. to build your Safe Room designed to your specifications. We know you will be more than pleased with the end result. Please contact us today to discuss your project.

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